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ARTISAN BREADS. Practical Recipes and Detailed Instructions for Baking the World’s Finest Loaves

Author: Hedh, Jan. Photography by Klas Andersson
Country: New York
Language: English
Year Published: 2011
No. of pages: 240
Illustrations: 222 Color Illustrations. 10 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound with Jacket
Size: 11”x 9”
Weight: 4.00
ISBN: 9781616084875
Biblio/Bio: Index. Bio.
Code: 6695

Price: $24.95

In this publication Jan Hedh goes over the basics for baking delectable artisan breads. This cookbook offers recipes for all types of occasions, tips to bake bread with great taste and aroma, how to properly knead dough, the correct flour to use, and the perfect baking time and oven temperature needed. Included are over two hundred beautiful photographs depicting the various recipes and techniques.


Author: Simonson, Gerda
Country: New York
Language: English
Year Published: 1995
No. of pages: 158
Illustrations: 2 Color Illustrations. 13 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 8 1/2”x 5 1/2”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 0781804078
Biblio/Bio: Index.
Code: 2312

Price: $12.50

Most of the recipes in this book are equally as good for luncheon dishes as for the smörgasborg. The smörgasborg is but a table of appetizers which consists of 15 to 50 varieties of food, mostly cold dishes. The recipes are written clearly and are easy to follow for the novice as well as the experienced cook. The accompanying photographs of platters give the cook an idea of how to present the dishes. Some of the food sections include: fish, beef dishes, omelettes, chicken, aspic dishes and salads, canapes, and cocktails. This is a wonderful gift to give to your favorite cook.

CRAYFISH RHAPSODY. A Culinary and Historical Voyage to the World of Crayfish

Author: Lill Forsman, Camilla Görman, Curt Görman, et. al
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Year Published: 1994
No. of pages: 143
Illustrations: 117 Color Illustrations. 5 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 11 1/2”x 9 1/2”
Weight: 3.00
ISBN: 9151828049
Code: 3575

Price: $59.50

A book for all who love crayfish, Sweden’s national dish. In it, you will find all that is worth knowing about the history of the crayfish, its anatomy and cultivation, how to catch, cook and eat it, and what to drink with it. Also includes a section devoted to the American crawfish tradition. And there are songs too!

FESTKAGER (Party Cakes). Fremstilling & Dekoration (Making Them and the Decoration)

Author: Sørensen, Gert
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Year Published: 1997
No. of pages: 64
Illustrations: 29 Color Illustrations. 6 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 8 1/2”sq
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 8711123974
Biblio/Bio: Index.
Code: 4087

Price: $29.50

Gorgeous cakes for the party with stencils and very clear, beautiful color photographs of how to make them. Every baker should have this book with a cake for every occasion like Easter, midsummer, Christmas, birthday, christening, engagement, wedding, Mother’s Day, the cake for the one you love, silver wedding anniversary, etc. A gorgeous book. Most cakes according to the Danish tradition have a layer of marzipan around it - beautiful to look at as well as to eat.


Author: Ojakangas, Beatrice A.
Country: New York
Year Published: 1989
No. of pages: 250
Illustrations: 14 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 9”x 6”
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ISBN: 0517501112
Biblio/Bio: Index.
Code: 0339

Price: $17.95

Finlnd’s best-selling cookbook adapted for American kitchens. Includes recipes for sour rye bread, Bishop’s pepper cookies, and Finnish smorgasbord.