ALTERTAVLEN I ROSKILDE DOMKIRKE (The Alter in Roskilde Cathedral). Et U-almindeligt Kunstværk (An Unusual Work of Art)

Author: Bolvig, Axel
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Year Published: 1997
No. of pages: 166
Illustrations: 61 Color Illustrations. 13 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Clothbound w/ jacket
Size: 10”x 7 1/2”
Weight: 2.00
ISBN: 8700292169
Biblio/Bio: Bibl. Index.
Code: 4207

Price: $45.00

Despite other interpretations, researcher Bolvig recounts the history of the gorgeous Roskilde church altar and the purchase of same in the 1550’s by Birgitte Gøye and Herluf Trolle for their beloved castle Hillerødsholm at Antwerp’s art market. Once thought to be unique to Denmark, the beautiful, detailed paintings are the result of Dutch industrialized art production. In fact, people would come from all over Europe to purchase and partake in this art production, a new approach to art at the time. The altars were made to be sold and not ordered beforehand. The paintings themselves depict 33 scenes from the life of Christ and present a visual narrative from the New Testament. Gorgeous photographs capture this “illustrated Bible” from the 1500s, while Bolvig’s research is compelling in its reinterpretation of cultural history, art, and art production.


Author: Ekstrand, Florence
Country: Washington
Language: English
Year Published: 1997
No. of pages: 394
Illustrations: 1 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 9”x 6”
Weight: 2.00
ISBN: 916871142
Code: 3072

Price: $19.50

A historical novel set in the Middle Ages. Born to Swedish nobility in 1303, Birgitta Birgersdotter laid aside the role of manor wife to challenge kings, popes and emperors. Now, almost 700 years after her death, her passion, intellect and courage continue to fascinate us. Recognized as the outstanding writer of Sweden’s Medieval period, Saint Birgitta is the only officially canonized saint from the five Nordic countrie, and orders throughout the world bear her name. This remarkable account of her years in Sweden captures the spirit and humanity of a remarkable woman who aspired to divinity but lived her earthly life with zeal and grace.


Author: Bukdahl, Jørgen. Translated by Bruce H. Kirmmse
Country: Michigan
Language: English
Year Published: 2001
No. of pages: 154
Binding: Hardbound with Jacket
Size: 9 1/2”x 6 1/2”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 802847382
Biblio/Bio: Index. Bibl.
Code: 5469

Price: $19.50

This is the first English edition of Bukdahl’s superb but little-known study of Kierkegaard, originally published in 1961. Challenging the stereotype of his being socially aloof and politically conservative, this book explores his relationship, both in the abstract and in his everyday life, with ordinary people, showing him to be fundamentally interested in the plight of “the common man.” Bukdahl traces the trajectory of this man’s thought on the common man from his earliest writings through his battle with The Corsair and on to his untimely death. In the course of this colorful discussion, the author does a thorough job of contextualizing him in 19th century Denmark, shedding light on his relationships with his family, various religious groups, and the leading intellectual figures of his time. An acccesible and valuable work for scholars, students, and general readers interested in the life and thought of this profound Christian thinker. Extensive notes.


Author: Svensson, Poul, ed
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish/ English and German Summaries
Year Published: 1985
No. of pages: 55
Illustrations: 19 Color Illustrations. 5 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Clothbound with Jacket
Size: 13”x 10”
Weight: 2.00
ISBN: 8798119435
Biblio/Bio: Bibl.
Code: 5386

Price: $39.50

In the Cistercian church at Løgumkloster remains a painted medieval wooden cabinet made shortly after 1325 - unique in Denmark, but a typical example of our medieval religious art in that it is shrouded in mysteries: we do not know who made it, when it was made, what it was used for, and where it was originally placed. Furthermore, it has been repaired and repainted so many times that among other things we cannot be sure that its pictures are the original ones. This book is filled with color photographs of the cabinet and all its ornamentation which includes the panels representing the images of saints.

MARIABILDER (Pictures of Virgin Mary).

Author: Cavalli-Björkman, Görel
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Year Published: 1989
No. of pages: 76
Illustrations: 4 Color Illustrations. 63 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 8 1/2”x 7”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 9171005417
Biblio/Bio: Index. Bibl. Cat. of exh.
Code: 1365

Price: $29.50

The image of the Virgin Mary has been the subject of some of the most beautiful and touching works of art in history. In all time periods, she has inspired painters, architects, writers, poets and musicians. Why has her image assumed such powerful significance? This exhibition explores various representations of Mary, ranging from the Middle Ages to modern times and including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and graphic art. Various authors explore relevent topics such as Mary’s symbolic significance, her life, the cult of Mary, and her role as a symbol representing all women.