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Author: Pohls, Maritta, PhD
Country: Finland
Language: English
Year Published: No Year
No. of pages: 39
Illustrations: 1 Color Illustrations. 19 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 8 1/2”sq
Weight: 1.00
Biblio/Bio: Bios.
Code: 6598

Price: $12.50

A comprehensive history of women in Finland including the following chapters: Women and the power of networking; Women and the daily routine; Women and the welfare society; Women and work; Women and gender equality; Women’s Milestones and biographies of remarkable Women.

AMERICAN FROM SWEDEN. The Story of A.V. Swanson

Author: Betty Swanson Cain
Country: Illinois
Language: English
Year Published: 1987
No. of pages: 99
Illustrations: 11 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 8 1/2”x 6”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 0809313626
Biblio/Bio: Bibl. Bio.
Code: 3504

Price: $29.50

When Axel Svensson moved from his tenement home in Bjuv, Sweden, at the age of eight to ease his family’s financial burden, he began an odyssey that would extend over a quarter-century and thousands of miles. It took him four years working as an indentured servant until he was finally able to make it to America. He traveled the Midwest until he finally married and settled in Ames, Iowa, where he assumed the managership of the local J.C. Penney store. In Ames, he became a community leader and retired from Penney’s at age 50 to devote his time to managing his farm and traveling with his wife until her death.


Author: Bennett, Geoffrey
Country: England
Language: English
Year Published: 1999
No. of pages: 208
Illustrations: 34 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 8 1/2”x 5 1/2”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 1840222042
Biblio/Bio: Bibl. Index.
Code: 5332

Price: $9.50

At the end of May 1916 a chance encounter with Admiral Hipper`s battlecruisers enabled Beatty to lead the German Battle Fleet into the jaws of Jellicoe`s greatly superior force - At this Battle of Jutland the German Fleet suffered so much damage that it made no further attempt to challenge the Grand Fleet. Captain Bennet has used sources previously unavailable to historians in his reconstruction of this controversial battle. The book contains numerous battle plans and photographs of the battle.

BELOW ROLLSTONE HILL. Growing Up In the Finnish Quarter of Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Author: Robbins, Paula Ivanska
Country: Minnesota
Language: English
Year Published: 2000
No. of pages: 131
Illustrations: 34 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 9”x 6”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 0878391487
Code: 4406

Price: $12.95

A wonderful memoir that shares the story of a Finnish family who, lured by promises of prosperity, immigrated to America at the turn of the century. However, this promise soon dissipates as Aino, the second youngest in the family, discovers the dark side of the American dream, as she moves from Massachusetts to the Finnish Harlem in New York City.

BROCKDORFF, VICTOR: GRÆNSELAND. En Historisk Rejse I Skånsk-Danske Grænseområder (A Historical Journey in the Border area of Skåne & Denmark

Author: Tägil, Sven
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Year Published: 1997
No. of pages: 156
Illustrations: 0 Color Illustrations. 68 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Clothbound w/ Jacket
Size: 8 1/2”x 11”
Weight: 2.00
ISBN: 8778510678
Biblio/Bio: Bio.
Code: 5097

Price: $75.00

A historical look at the land surrounding Skåne and Denmark, from its castles, houses and cities, to the people and their stories of Grænseland. This book is most informational and beautiful with pencil sketches and illustrations.