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100 JAHRE DÄNISCHER FILM & KINO (100 Years of Danish Film & Cinema).

Country: Germany
Language: German
Year Published: 1995
No. of pages: 48
Illustrations: 25 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 8 1/2”x 8”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 879834419
Biblio/Bio: Cat. of exh.
Code: 4327

Price: $16.50

This catalogue presents highlights from the history of Danish film in the past century. This wonderful introduction to Danish cinema documents the first films from 1904 by Peter Elfelt and Ole Olsen, the opening of the Palladium Theater in Copenhagen in the 1930s, to more recent legends such as Sren Kragh-Jacobsen and Lars von Trier.


Author: Ruf, Beatrix
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish/English
Year Published: 2007
No. of pages: 63
Illustrations: 50 Color Illustrations. 0 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 10”x 9”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 9788774411413
Biblio/Bio: Bio. Index. Cat. of exh.
Code: 6421

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Eija-Liisa Ahtila has manifested her role as one of the most important video artists of her generation on the international scene. Through the diversity of modern media she explores the topics of love, sexuality, wrath, identity, loneliness, seperation, vulnerability and death. Her tense, but precise stories tells us of human relations and circumstances - some ordinary, others extreme, but all deeply relevant.


Author: Laursen, Bodil Busk ed
Country: Denamark
Language: English/ Danish
Year Published: 2000
No. of pages: 48
Illustrations: 6 Color Illustrations. 4 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 12”x 6 1/2”
Weight: 0.00
ISBN: 8787075156
Biblio/Bio: Bibl.
Code: 5072

Price: $29.50

Activate this CD and go on a virtual journey through Robert Wilson’s exhibition. With a combination of encyclopedic kowledge, art-historical references and superaesthetic extravaganza, his stagings have been an eye-opener for theaters and museums all around the world, causing them to think in images.


Author: Bengt Häger
Country: New York
Language: English
Year Published: 1990
No. of pages: 303
Illustrations: 155 Color Illustrations. 118 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 13”x 9 1/2”
Weight: 5.00
ISBN: 0810938030
Biblio/Bio: Bios.
Code: 2489

Price: $75.00

This spectacular volume provides an entirely new view of avant-garde art as produced during the enormously creative 1920’s Paris. During this time, the Ballets Suedois (Swedish Ballet) revolutionized the worlds of dance and art. Here is the definitive history of this triumphant troupe, with a general introduction and an analysis of each ballet. Included are chapters on director Rolf de Mare, star dancer and choreographer, Jean Borlin, and brief biographies of all of the people involved in the company. This book includes more than 260 photographs along with set and costume designs, posters, and programs, all created by the leading artists of the day.


Author: Tamm, Ditlev
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish`
Year Published: 2005
No. of pages: 358
Illustrations: 101 Color Illustrations. 114 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Clothbound w/ Jacket
Size: 11”x 8 1/2”
Weight: 4.00
ISBN: 8702029677
Biblio/Bio: Bio. Bibl. Index.
Code: 5505

Price: $105.00

The story of the great name of The Royal Danish Ballet. A key figure to the golden age of Danish romanticism. This man was a dancer, a choreographer and for more than 40 years the artistic director of The Royal Danish Ballet. His style is unique and his ballets are still being danced all over the world. Bournonville (1805-1879) had a French father and Swedish mother, but he himself was Danish and a patriot. This book discusses his childhood days in ballet school, his fascination with Napoleon, his first ballets, his writings, his famous ballets, his family and travels around Europe. A fascinating biography of this great man with beautiful photographs throughout.