Aalto, Alvar & Aino: GOLDEN BELL AND BEEHIVE/ KULTAKELLO JA MEHILÄISPESÄ. Light Fittings Designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto

Author: Pakoma, Katarina ed
Country: Finland
Code: 5189
Language: English/ Finnish
Year Published: 2002
No. of pages: 68
Illustrations: 83 Color Illustrations. 51 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 8”sq
Weight: 1.00

Price: 250.00

This book includes light fittings designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto for the theatre at the Jvyäskylä Workers’ Club, where the aim has been to provide the most complete light-fitting schedule possible for each building. Very good color photography highlights the variety of creativity and utility that the Aaltos designed, as well as detailed working drawings of each fixture.


Author: Andersen, Tage. Photographs by Bent Rej
Country: Denmark
Code: 3809
Language: English
Year Published: 2000
No. of pages: 94
Illustrations: 81 Color Illustrations. 1 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 14”x 8”
Weight: 2.00

Price: 250.00

A pictorial feast, as floral artist Tage Andersen creates fanciful decorations to liven up the season. Though he employs traditional themes, objects, and scenes, his creations are so innovative that they redefine the concept of decorating for the holidays. He consciously blends the sense of familiarity behind the scenes that reappear each year at Christmas, while reinventing them to recreate feelings of expectation and longing for the next holiday season to come. Also, in his narration, he beautifully describes the transition from the spartan atmosphere of Advent to the culmination around Christmas itself, and to the denouement through the New Year. In pictures and in prose, this book is an inspiration to anyone desiring a fresh floral aspect to their holiday season.

ATT VARA INREDNINGSARKITEKT (To be an Interior Designer). Glimtar av ett Yrke (A Look at a Profession)

Author: Liljedahl, Agneta
Country: Sweden
Code: 3886
Language: Swedish
Year Published: 1993
No. of pages: 112
Illustrations: 32 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 8 1/2”sq
Weight: 1.00

Price: 39.50

A look at the Interior Designer Association in Sweden 1945-1993. Creating furniture and interior design; the education and the profession during the 50s and 60s and five portraits of well-known Swedish interior designers Erik Karlström, Margareta and Rolf Åberg, Ulla Lundberg, Lars Mossberg, Ella Öström and last but not least a short essay on the future of interior design.


Author: Groth, Håkan;Lars, Strömblad
Country: Sweden
Code: 5920
Language: Swedish
Year Published: 2005
No. of pages: 240
Illustrations: 324 Color Illustrations. 10 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 9 1/2”x 11 1/2”
Weight: 4.00

Price: 85.00

For those of you who are tired of modern minimalism, this beautiful book will inspire and give you some cultural history. Sweden’s most beautiful and well maintained castles and gardens are presented in this book. Presented are impressive castles such as the King’s castle, Stockholm’s castle and Drottningholm with their well-known theaters, but also more simple such as Linnés Hammarby. The interiors of these exquisite castles are richly illustrated and with the informative text, this book gives great insight on the Baroque and Rococo time periods in Sweden.

BAROCKENS BOSTAD PÅ LÄCKÖ SLOTT (The Baroque Quarters at Läckö Castle).

Author: Sjöberg, Lars and Josephine Brandt; Erik Cornelius, photos
Country: Sweden
Code: 3796
Language: Swedish
Year Published: 1998
No. of pages: 79
Illustrations: 58 Color Illustrations. 1 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 9”x 8 1/2”
Weight: 1.00

Price: 49.50

A picture book that captures the splendor of this castle during the 1600s. Stunning photographs display both the beauty of the empty castle rooms while also conjuring the former grandeur of these rooms by including examples of furniture and textiles from that period. Though the furniture was often simple in design, the elaborate textiles and decorative arts offset this simplicity to create a perfectly balanced elegance not to be rivaled elsewhere. This book is intended to complete this picture as the refurnishing of the Läckö Castle has begun with this exhibition. The catalog also includes an inventory of the art belonging to Duke Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie from 1681.