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Author: Thage, Jacob, ed.
Country: Denmark
Language: English
Year Published: 2017
No. of pages: 231
Illustrations: 234 Color Illustrations. 87 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 11”x 9”
Weight: 3.00
ISBN: 978879230728
Biblio/Bio: Bios.
Code: 7120

Price: $95.00

The catalog presents a selection of 100 artists out of a total of 600 from the museum collection. It is meant to reflect two basic components of Danish and international art, that make up the collection at Museum Jorn. Part of the collection is the original selection from Asger Jorn, which he gave to Silkeborg in the years 1953-1973. The other and later component is based on members of the Ex-school (The Experimental Art School, which was active in Copenhagen 1961-1969), including the collection of approx. 3.500 works by Per Kirkeby. Contents: Preface and article about the collection in Silkeborg by Jacob Thage Article about each of the 100 artists with short reviews and photos of the artist's essential works from the collection, presented in alphabetical order.


Author: Hansen, Mikael and Iben From, eds
Country: Denmark
Language: English/Danish
Year Published: 2005
No. of pages: 49
Illustrations: 54 Color Illustrations. 5 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 10”x 8”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 8791252202
Biblio/Bio: Index. Cat. of exh.
Code: 5842

Price: $29.50

The show intends partly to take part in globalisation and partly to limit the focus to visual arts and the plethora it represents. The exhibition accomplishes this by presenting six selected artists, all Korean residents, and thus in a Danish perspective providing the Danish audience with an opportunity of experiencing how a group of contemporary Korean visual artists work. The artists utilize an international form language in installations, conceptual art, and videos while at the same time researching into developing and refining these expressions.


Author: Blomstedt, Juhana, Figge, Eddie, Gudmundsson, Kristján, Nielsen, Palle, Rickhard, Leonard
Country: New York, NY
Language: English
Year Published: 1985
No. of pages: 73
Illustrations: many Color Illustrations. few B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 10”x 8”
Weight: 1.00
Biblio/Bio: Bios. Index.
Code: 6339

Price: $14.50


Author: Else Bülow
Country: Denmark
Language: English
Year Published: 1991
No. of pages: 123
Illustrations: 99 Color Illustrations. 1 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Clothbound
Size: 9 1/2”x 10”
Weight: 2.00
ISBN: 8788307166
Code: 1662

Price: $39.50

Aalto- Finland’s foremost modern architect- designed the Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum. This book is as much about the inspired architecture of the museum as it is about the stunning collection of contemporary art it houses. Works by Bjørn Nørgaard, Clifford Wright, Per Kirkeby, Svend Wiig Hansen, Geoffrey Hendricks, Max Ernst, Richard Mortensen, and Asger Jorn, among many others, are on rivetting display.


Author: Kold, Anders, and Jorgensen, Laerke Rydal, ed.
Country: London
Language: English
Year Published: 2017
No. of pages: 224
Illustrations: 143 Color Illustrations. 22 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 12”x 10”
Weight: 3.00
ISBN: 9783960981541
Biblio/Bio: Cat. of exh.
Code: 7113

Price: $75.00

Joyously chromatic and brimming with reckless vitality, the paintings, drawings and collages of Danish artist Tal R (born 1967) are anything but academic--hence the ironic title of this overview, which surveys works from the past 20 years of his vast output as well as a series of new works. Tal R has been a storyteller from the outset of his career in the 1990s, always hovering between figuration and abstraction with a special eye for the overlooked, hidden and repressed spaces of modern life. "I do painting a bit like people make a lunch box," he once declared. "I constantly have this hot-pot boiling and I throw all kinds of material into it." While the artist is well known as a prolific publisher of artist's books (usually gathering specific bodies of work), Academy of Tal R is the most substantial overview of his diverse ouevre yet published.