4433(Old Becomes New). Fynda, Fixa & Renovera/ Bargain-Hunt, Fix & Renovate

Author: Anna and Maria Örnberg
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Year Published: 1998
No. of pages: 48
Illustrations: 61 Color Illustrations. 9 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 10 1/2”x 8”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 9155210104
Code: 3342

Price: $24.50

See how things look “before” and “after”. The book’s primary purpose is to be a source of inspiration with tips and ideas, but you also get a lot of practical information and work descriptions to transform furniture and rooms by painting in lively colors or with stencils, using fabrics and many other intriguing ways of re-designing your home. Complete patterns are provided in back of the book.

46 HISTORIER OM KOSTYMER (46 Stories About Costumes). Ur Kungliga Operans Gömmor- Från Gustav IIIs Harlekin till Grünewalds Regnbågsmantel (From the Secret Archives of the Royal Opera- from Gustav IIIs Harlequin to Grünewalds Rainbow Cloak)

Author: Edh, Börje; Photographs by Mats Bäcker
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Year Published: 1998
No. of pages: 111
Illustrations: 80 Color Illustrations. 13 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound w/ jacket
Size: 13”x 9 1/2”
Weight: 3.00
ISBN: 9177364422
Biblio/Bio: Index. Bibl.
Code: 3942

Price: $55.00

This gorgeous book is a pictorial cavalcade presenting 46 stories about the intriguing costumes and objects from the heyday of the 1700s up to the 1920s. Author Börje Edh, costume designer for the Royal Opera for over 30 years, presents his favorites from their extensive collection, and weaves exciting stories using intricate details regarding the historical backgrounds of each piece. This book blends the history of opera, costume, and culture into one exhilarating story that, above all, will entertain its audience- like the Royal Opera itself.

98 PATTERN BOOKS FOR EMBROIDERY, LACE, AND KNITTING. (98 Mønsterbøger til Broderi, Knipling og Strikning)

Author: Charlotte Paludan and Lone de Hemmer Egeberg
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish/ English/ German
Year Published: 1991
No. of pages: 107
Illustrations: 3 Color Illustrations. 71 B&W Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 8”x 9”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 8787075768
Biblio/Bio: Bibl. Index.
Code: 0291

Price: $49.50

The term pattern books cover both drawn and printed pattern collections, in the form of either books or loose sheets for various types of handwork. The earliest of all known pattern books was published in 1524. Essays: Pattern Books; Catalogue of Drawings, Prints, and Manuscripts and more. With needle and thread you can embroider beautiful samplers, narrow bands, etc.


Author: Pope, Caroline and Nick
Country: Pennsylvania
Language: English
Year Published: 2001
No. of pages: 240
Illustrations: 976 Color Illustrations.
Binding: Softbound
Size: 11 1/2”x 9”
Weight: 3.00
ISBN: 076431386X
Biblio/Bio: Bibl. Index.
Code: 4566

Price: $49.95

A wonderful reference for all who collect and enjoy Scandinavian porcelain and figurines. This extensive guide identifies and describes over 2,400 pieces, including 800 figurines, produced by the renowned Royal Copenhagen of Denmark from 1910 through 2000. The text provides a brief history of the firm, established in 1775, explains the company’s marks, and includes a bibliography.


Author: Birthe Koustrup
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Year Published: 1988
No. of pages: 46
Illustrations: 35 Color Illustrations.
Binding: Hardbound
Size: 9”x 6”
Weight: 1.00
ISBN: 8775452510
Code: 2220

Price: $19.50

Kellinghusen is fajance made between 1765-1860 in the Schleswig-Holstein part of Northern Germany and Southern Jutland in Denmark. The so-called Kellinghusen patterns are here reproduced for use for painting on china or anywhere one would like. The designs mainly consist of very pretty borders and flowers in lovely subtle colors.