WEIL, SUSAN: ILLUMINATIONS. Bookworks of Susan Weil

Author: van Holten, Ragnar, ed.; Olle Granath, Susan Weil, text
Country: Sweden
Code: 3792
Language: English/ Swedish
Year Published: 1997
No. of pages: 61
Illustrations: 6 Color Illustrations. 31 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 10”x 8”
Weight: 1.00

Price: 29.50

The tradition of fine book craftmanship and the opportunities for departure from these traditions have been an important source of inspiration for this artist. Focusing on one-of-a kind or limited edition art books, Weil’s use of defined formats and unexpected juxtapositions of materials provide the poetry in her work with a combination of intimacy and focus. The strength of her metaphors stems from the meeting between personal everyday experiences and a close study of the great classics of literature. Each form for a book she creates pays homage to the author, whether it be Joyce, Rumi, or Sophocles. This catalog contains beautiful illustrations of her innovative and varied work, each of which is accompanied by an explanation written by the artist herself.