WOVEN MAGIC/ VÄVD MAGI. A Book About Kilims/ En Bok Om Kelim

Author: Albertsson, Ingemar and Peter Willborg
Country: Sweden
Code: 3765
Language: English/ Swedish
Year Published: 1992
No. of pages: 164
Illustrations: 75 Color Illustrations. 27 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 10”x 9 1/2”
Weight: 3.00

Price: 115.00

Including 122 flatweaves from five different continents, this exhibition focuses on the kilim, a type of Oriental flatweave rug. Early in the 1900s, they were used mostly as drapes and covers, and they often adorned the walls of mens’ smoking rooms and studies. These rugs went out of fashion, however, until they became popular again in the late 1980s because of their inclusion in certain decorator magazines. Today, kilims as art can be subdivided into naturalistic, constructivistic, or abstract forms. This book depicts each of these rugs in large, color illustrations, and it also includes descriptions of the symbols, patterns, and techniques used in each rug as well as commentaries on their functions in the societies from which they originated.