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AMPHIBIAN STAND, THE. A Philosophical Essay Conerning Research Processes in Fine Art

Author: Nilsson, Per
Country: Sweden
Code: 6539
Language: English
Year Published: 2009
No. of pages: 175
Illustrations: 0 Color Illustrations. 0 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 9 1/2” x 6 1/2”
Weight: 2.00

Price: 45.00

Per Nilsson was born in Gävle in 1963. During his childhood he moved often and lived from Kiruna in the north to Kristianstad in the south. In 2001 he received his PhD in Philosophy at Umeå University with the thesis “Nature Science and Reason: Dialectic of Enlightenment, and the other modern.” Since 2001 he has worked as a philosopher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå. In his new book, The Amphibian Stand: A Philosophical Essay Concerning Research Processes in Fine Art . Nilsson develops a philosophy of art and relates it to the debate on art and research. He argues that art's critical potential and its dialectical deconstructive approach to including language, norms and philosophy render it suitable as a research discipline. The core of the book is the discourse theory developed by Per's metaphors Ampibian and Littoral landscape of culture, metaphors that point out that our cultures are the illusory positions of dogmatism and relativism. It is in the littoral landscape that the amphibians presented live their lives, well-adapted to their environment.

ANOTHER LIGHT. Swedish Art since 1945/UNE AUTRE LUMIERE Lart Suedois depuis 1945/IN EINEM ANDEREN LICHT Schwedische Kunst nach 1945

Author: Olle Granath
Country: Sweden
Code: 0572
Language: Swedish/French/German
Year Published: 1982
No. of pages: 222
Illustrations: 53 Color Illustrations. 223 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 10”x 8 1/2”
Weight: 2.00

Price: 29.50

A comprehensive book on Swedish art within the context of world art.

ANXIOUS SALON, THE. Narrative Content in Recent Figurative Painting

Author: Ron Platt, Helaine Posner
Country: Massachusetts
Code: 1053
Language: English
Year Published: 1993
No. of pages: 12
Illustrations: 7 Color Illustrations.
Size: 11”sq
Weight: 0.00

Price: 49.50

Odd Nerdrum, Attila Lukacs, Hanneline Rogeberg, Thomas Woodruff, Vincent Desiderio-each of these artists revels in the visual pleasures of vouluptous color and sensuous line, and in the dramatic scale and compositional structure of Old Master painting. Their painting styles range from the illustrational to the grandiloquent, demonstrating a virtuoso technical facility.


Author: Brittiskt 1980-Tal
Country: Sweden
Code: 6301
Language: Swedish/English
Year Published: 1987
No. of pages: 140
Illustrations: 32 Color Illustrations. 29 B&W Illustrations.
Weight: 2.00

Price: 29.50

ART GOES UNDERGROUND. Art in the Stockholm Metro

Author: Göran Söderstrom, ed
Country: Sweden
Code: 0548
Language: English
Year Published: 1988
No. of pages: 298
Illustrations: 225 Color Illustrations. 158 B&W Illustrations.
Size: 10”x 8 1/2”
Weight: 2.00

Price: 49.50

A very interesting and exciting book on metro-art dealing with every aspect from a brief technical description of a metro, its architecture, competitions for artists, public art to Overview of Stations with Artistic Decoration, etc.